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Magic of Venice
She twists and turns, graciously, through an ocean of gathered souls; her body moving to the rhythm of a playful band that is never seen but only heard.
Night is dawning, and stars shimmer on vaulted ceilings of velvet blue; age-old diamonds burning their fires from a place beyond the wheels of time.
The air is heavy with fragrance; colognes of him, perfumes of her, and adding to them, the intoxicating aroma of scented candles; lanterns lighting up the streets in festive, colourful splendour.
     Lost to another world, enchanted by this place; she dances.
Surrounding her, faces are hidden behind golden façades, and she never knows if she sways from fiend to lover; the silken gown caressing her body as boldly as the Joker’s wild grin — who watches her from afar.
Waves of teasing hands push her closer to his reach; his eyes behind the mask undressing her with every move, eagerly shining with appreciation, and a kindling of desire.

:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 9 10
Parting Words
Chasing a voice
echoing through
the growing mists,
    she wanders,
Her heart replaying
    all that was,
    while her mind
is spiked by truth —
A whispered goodbye
    left them parted.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 7 2
cursive coiled around
her wrist, somehow
descenders and finials
glisten as they bite.
bracelet of fanged type,
she curses each time
she begs it bind her
this dictionary
of self-worth,
greedy lexicon of
meaning sharpened throughout
the years, is necessary.
every symbol speaks
a fear, a tear, or weary
acceptance. she
recites each one in every
broken mirror.
sometimes, the shards
reflect beyond the wrist,
up a scarred armlet,
across an embledded torc.
sometimes, she feels
the script corset
grip like a maiden
of iron.
the idea of freedom
confined by the teeth
of language;
she weeps.
when dawn breaks
she will pretend
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 28 4
stone-cold fraudulent bones
and no moderate tones
a tome of slaughter and somnambulist prose
plodding through ambulance rows
rotting and ample in foes
father of plotted domination
prodding patients for souls
bother the gravesites and ghouled mettles
the dangerous grows among impatiens
and rose petals in basements aglow
garden of hatred and rote argument
fragrant with poured ars'nic
and anger unsourced
bargain insatiable, throats targeted
fangs in the thorns
pardon the nascent forewarning
before the rage of the storm
we may be fated for mourning
but know the face of our scorn.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 10 4
You were made for Love
I'll serenade you
with soft kisses along your eyelids,
                       down your neck
to caress shoulders that carry too many burdens.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 6 2
e. e. cummings and a jar of milk
e. e. cummings and a jar of milk,
because your mother finally fixed the cabinet lock—
not quite the same, but
not all that different!
A poem mellowed by a new understanding,
stark on your brown skin,
puts a pillowy softness against my head.
Sitting like children behind the flimsy fence
—we both knew we were older than our years—
and reciting the lines to the jet pilots
crashing overhead like Cadillac comics.
Firmly believing in the best years of our lives,
I called you a fool and you called me foolish,
and if the night could speak, she’d call this a loan,
because she never compliments fools for so long.
O, but Night walks on, and we follow,
tracing our fingers on leather and yet-dried spines
like we’d already memorized every word within.
So, if I am a fool, it’s not for being foolish—
it’s for watching you read cummings
with milk on your lip. 
:iconch-ch-cherry:Ch-Ch-Cherry 9 5
Why You Never Trust A Poet
Even your lies were well-spoken.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 7 6
romantic overture in May (sharp minor)
give me no verse uncertain, warbling.
the late spring rain deserves a song
to sweetly match his mirthful moonlight 
you and I can drape the dawn in love.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 6 5
lemonade lips
i hold blue sky in my hands & blow away the clouds like dandelion seeds,
crossing my fingers & wishing for a summer greener & greater than any before it.
sweet summer citrus, sing me your song, & spill all your secrets into the soil.
teach me how to turn lemon smiles into lemonade;
feed me sugar from a spoon & drop the sour punchlines.
i'll sell orange juice on every city corner,
& limeade where the concrete fades away
into dirt roads & rotting buildings.
speak with a tangerine tongue, & learn to love with a fierceness
only the sun can rival,
soaking up rays on good days & rain on bad ones.
climb trees & scrape your knees & revere the scar on your ankle.
you're a four-season kid in a fair-weather world,
& living is what you're here for.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 12
Love is the Light of the World
Love and greatness of heart are the only reality.
Truth is the search for the light of the world.
When hearts are full of love,
There can be no darkness in the soul.
Love is life force, true expression, true power.
It is the protective activity in every living soul.
Nobleness is the basis of every act,
Because love is the light of the world.
Soul and body experience happiness through the primary source of love,
Because it flows through all levels of consciousness and existence.
The heart vibrates with enthusiasm,
Powerful light radiates from the inner out into the world.
:iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 6 5
it is under my tongue,
the shape of your
name, the feeling
comes back in waves.
keep my neck
covered, keep my eyes
down, keep it safe.
every vibration
blesses, holy pulse
never strains, pressure's
not always constraint.
it is under my breath,
the hope of a
universe speeding
toward active grace.
keep my nails
dug into the gravedirt,
attempt to own it
before it claims me.
every sigh
makes it worse;
the insanity of measured
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 10 0
Forging Foundations
there is part of me that knows these walls
in the same ways I know
unrequited was the dream I used to tie my strings to,
unrequited was the hope I used to fill myself up,
unrequited is just a word I used to be friends with
because you've crooked your fingers
into the hooks of my jeans
and you've hooked my heart,
dangling, a stranger to safety
learning how to let someone lead--
there is a piece of me that fears these feelings
like I fear insects that sting, like I fear wildfires that rage,
like I fear porcelain dolls 
with cracked faces and scarred chests
because so far in this life,
all the beautiful things I've ever held
have come to me broken, or been forgeries...
strange heart I never dared hope to meet:
keep adding bricks to the mortar of my veins, please;
requited is a house I'm trying to build around myself
and you have made a stronger foundation out of me.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 7 8
new form
i can see the light
at the end of the funnel.
you're in my mouth
and i can feel your stem,
what a pathway
through the tunnel.
enrapture me
capture me,
trap me in your
i formerly
live in a land
of former,
in the past
where i formed her,
only to be reformed
to a new former.
in a gift of the
current, what a face
i am to countenance,
to that which is
seeking meta-
beautiful humanoid,
how did you become
the orb to my void?
a question
that i have asked
in the past,
with no immediate
answer as to such.
but need not
be staggered upon,
stuttered about,
if i am able
to stumble into
your touch.
your touch.
beautiful humanoid,
how did you become
the orb to my void?
the hub 
to a chasm
the lands
once full of flowers
but now full of
of formers.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 9 3
winters lake
looking through winter tree silhouettes 
misty haze rising off the lake
with the dawn
sun so low in the sky
creating long drawn shadows
in the patchwork hillside
yellow green peaks
and dark valleys
a dock lazily stretches 
out into the lake
and finds itself reflected back
wavy echo floating on the surface
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 6 0

I Support...

Thank you PoetryOD :heart:

Its That Lincoln Spirit


What Others Have to Say...

"I don't know if you have any idea of how much the true magnitude of your writing does affect people. I look so forward to your journals. I always pray for your mom. Your attitude also has a big affect on me. You are a strong woman, like your mom and able to encourage others around you, even when you feel down yourself. So, let me say this: you have made a lasting impression. You have already made your ripples on my pond called life. I don't know of a stronger, more lovely and poised woman I desire to call my friend. I am trying to point my star more towards yours, because of your elegance, grace and charm. I want to be more like that. Thank you for being my standard."


"You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met only because you're so dedicated to EVERYTHING you do! It is inspiring. And you better never forget it. Because you are amazing."


"I really appreciate your support. Always have. You are one of those people that are always there, always caring, always noticing, and always replying - simply always. You are a constant cornerstone here, and will probably always be the cornerstone in whatever it is you touch. You just have that in you. There's also a very deep level of kindness in the way you do things. And, I think it's time we all should admit to ourselves that you are DA's Lincoln. It just seems fitting. I wanted to thank you for the support and friendship, it means a lot to me, you are being who you are and it is enough of a gift. Keep being true to yourself and keep being strong."


"The time, effort and love Jenene puts into the community is apparent at every turn. She is always there providing love and support to deviants in need, whether it be personal or professional, and she continually touches and affects so many people on a daily basis. Her devotion to the literature community is inspiring and so valued, and she continually dedicates her journals to every literature happening in the vast DeviantART community. Her kindness, selflessness and empathy for others make her the most sincere person I have ever encountered. She uses DeviantART to reach out to others and make a difference, and her voice is one that is highly well regarded and respected. Outside of DeviantART, she works in an emergency room, making a difference every single day."


"There is a level of emotional strength that is expected of an artist, being able to take every blow that is thrown and roll with the punches. Jenene takes those punches without flinching and still offers a shoulder to anyone who needs it, regardless of all else. You won't find a bigger heart around these parts."


"Jenene, I think you are the one person everyone in the lit-community knows, and the world would be poorer without you. The Queen of Literature would be the perfect name for you in my own humble opinion, as you are there for anyone with a kind word or a compliment. Your writing is sincere and formidable, and your warm heart the source of so many wonderful things happening on this website, from features to the detailed lit-updates throughout this tight band of writers. For all of this, I can only say: Thank you for being here."


"I believe Jenene's deep affinity for Abraham Lincoln stems from something far more profound than a simple enthusiasm for history. I think she sees in Lincoln a kindred soul. She too holds a great love for words. She too holds her ideals and those she loves above herself, and it informs her every deed and thought. She too is blessed with a strength of character that enables her to push on with what is most important even when she is ill-used by life and people. Even though she may feel alone during the darkest times of her life, she most definitely is not. I and many, many other people feel that we are better for knowing her."


"Jenene is a powerful deviant with a giant heart. She is always caring and writes amazing journals that inspire and warm everyone who reads them. She is selfless, strong, and has an amazing attitude. Lincoln would be truly proud of her, as all of us are!"


"[As a writer] from a poem of one stanza to a prose piece of several paragraphs, Jenene is inspired from the intensity of that little understood emotion called love to craft her work. Her sentences, written with powerful imagery among other literary features, are read with the heart as much as with the eyes. From one piece to the next, her sincere and intimate expressions in her memoirs will bring tears to the eyes while her tender romantic works will compel you to think again about love and passion, whether you believe in it or not."


"Dearest Jenene, I have always admired you, and I always will, with your generosity, spirit, drive, compassion and love. There has never been a time where you haven't made me love you a little more with your endless love and your hope is truly a wondrous thing. You have such a beautiful, beautiful way with words and never cease to make me smile. You have such a gorgeous heart, filled with love. ♥."


"I don't have a lot of heroes outside of my parents. As a matter of fact, none are. But if there's anyone that has gotten any closer to becoming one it is you, Jenene. You are one of my deviantART heroes, you beautiful soul. I admire and respect you like no one else on this site for all of the love you consistently show everyone. Your altruistic nature is unparalleled, your artistic ingenuity is astounding, and you are simply one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered here on this fantastic site. Thank you for all that you do, Jenene. For me and for everyone. I love you so much."


"Jenene is a selfless individual who always shows you just how much you are valued - as an artist, as a person, as somebody. She'll leave you a random note, or a random heart and for the rest of that day, you can't help but smile. The DeviantART community is not only blessed to have her among us, but we are inspired to follow in her footsteps as a humble artist who is giving, warm and genuine."


"To the lovely LadyLincoln, you are nothing short of wonderful. I love all your work to pieces. Beautiful poetic words that touch my heart to the core. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Some of your works have gotten me through tough times. This is a reminder that you are such a sweet soul and that you inspire, comfort and encourage many artists in everything you do.

Thank you a million times over. ❤"


"Jenene is an inspiration -- patient and caring, everything I would like to be but am just not on her level. She gives me something to shoot for, no doubt. The star she sits atop is the brightest of all."


"I've always admired you from afar. It's only been in this past year, or months rather, that I've attempted to shed my shyness and bridge the gap. You are my idol, my mentor who didn't know she was mentoring. I find that the dA community is a far better place with you in it. I also find that the world would be silent....if you weren't around. I've seen so many people bow down to the point of not acknowledging the 'bad' things in the world. They stay in their holes, clutching teddy-bears of comfort, until nothing but the naivety and good fortune surrounds them. They don't want to stand amidst the conflict of violence, disease, poverty, among so many other things. They don't want to lend a hand of support or raise their voice about the issues. You, you stand tall. You do what is in your power to raise awareness and give support to those who need it. I am truly beside myself when I think of all the things you do. I can only aspire to follow in your footsteps. To make a change. To not just worry about myself and minor ordeals, but to look at the bigger picture.

You are an inspiration.
You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are amazing.
You are a blessing."


Wish to share your story? Send me a note.

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Abraham Lincoln by gregchapin

Abraham Lincoln

by gregchapin


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Deviousness Award
`LadyLincoln is a deviant that continuously goes above and beyond to nurture the deviantART community. During her time as a volunteer, she encouraged, pushed and motivated the literature community towards positive change and stood strong as a unifying voice even when it was difficult. Despite her lack of a ^, she is unwavering in her support and love for the community and daily exemplifies everything we define as devious. To this end we are honored to award deviousness to `LadyLincoln for June 2010.
-awarded June 2010


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
“Not all angels play the harp and sing,
some are called to battle.”
-ER RN Life

A Little About Me on DeviantART:

I have been writing since I was about six years of age. I write for my own enjoyment, a sense of inner fulfillment, and judge writing I read on the heart and soul of a piece that speaks to my inner heart. My writing is at times raw, but always honest. There is beauty everywhere and I seek it out, with an open mind and pen. I enjoy writing and reading novels of all sorts, but my favorite genres are Historical romance, fantasy, and suspense.

Away from DeviantART, I work daily in an Emergency room. Not surprisingly, there is always something exciting going on there. I do consider it my life’s work and love every minute of it. I also deem myself as a rather serious Abraham Lincoln scholar, and spend a great deal of my free time when not working studying, reading, learning, and eagerly collecting all things Lincoln.

What Can I Do For You Here?

As a former Literature Community Volunteer, I am very familiar with the community and will happily offer support to anyone who has questions or concerns at any time. I continue to strive my personal best to do whatever possible to make everyone’s experience here on DeviantART and beyond the absolute best that it can be.

Any other questions? Please feel free to send me a note.

Needing Support or Know Someone Who Does?

I am keeping a Prayer Support Log. If you or anyone else you feel at any time needs a boost of support, a hug, or to be reminded how loved and appreciated he or she is, then by all means – send me a note and I will include them on the log and be more than happy to send a kind word or two their way.

Longing For Spring

Jenene. Writer. Aspiring to Inspire
past the end of this cold winter,
until the spring comes again,
until the flowers bloom again
stay there a little longer, stay there
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A Tender Reminder to All Who Venture Here:

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Never Forget: You Are Loved

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With Love Always from Your Faithful Servant,


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