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August 27, 2011


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This news article is brought to you by the literature news, resources and feature groups: LitResources and its primary affiliate LitandNews. We invite you to explore the Literature community further, informing us of anything that should be included in future articles. Below, deviants will discover various information about the Literature community, have the opportunity to check out some of our favorite deviations, and read our growing collection of wonderful writing tutorials and resource journals packed full of useful tools to assist everyone in their journey on DeviantART as writers and far beyond.

Alittle Bit About Us

Meet our staff:

LadyLincoln, and LitandNews – Founder, Co-Founder
angelStained, Mahi-Fish, LiliWrites and FailedStar – Contributors


Check out our LitResources blogs for additional information on how you can apply for to join us on staff and to see how you can be involved. We are often on the lookout for wonderful deviants, just like you.

If you are interested, please note the following information to LadyLincoln c/o LitResources:

:bulletblue: Your name and age
:bulletblue: Other commitments on DeviantART
:bulletblue: Experience with Literature groups
:bulletblue: Three pieces of literature you feel should be put in the spotlight.

A Variety of Crafty DeviantART Guides:

Below, you will find a superb listing of a collection of DeviantART guides collected by the wonderful members of our resourceful team. Also do be aware, that there are still several that exist on DeviantART and this is just a sampling of what we have recently collected. If there is something that someone may feel that is missing from this list, please do not hesitate to contact our group.

Writing Tips and Tricks.

Getting Published.

Writing Paranormal Characters.

Making Romance.

Your Fantasy Hero Fix.

OC Personality Creator.

Couples Info Sheet: 1st Additional Resource and 2nd Resource.

Character Tutorials.

Character Balance Sheet.

Dual Natured Character.

DeviantART Writers Get Noticed.

Style VS Voice.

Start and Stay Writing.

Non Verbal Thesaurus.


Elements of Style.

Quick Guide to Organizing.

How to tell Stories.

How to Write a Novel.

Dialogue and A Dialogue Tutorial.

Ten Tips to Writing Prose.

Common Writing Errors.

Beginner’s Grammar Guide.

How to Revise or Critique.

Other Resource Journals, Gallery Collections and Misc:

Resource Journal #1.

Resource Journal #2 and An Idiot’s Guide to Publishing.

angelStained’s and jamberry-song’s Amazing Collection of Tutorials and Guides on DeviantART, And More to be found in this Helpful Folder.

julietcaesar’s Got a few Resource Favorites You Should also Check Out.

Various other Literature Resources on and off DeviantART.

Helpful Novel Tips (NaNoWriMo resources) and Other Miscellaneous Links.


Did we miss any? Stop by GrimFace242’s Forum Thread and Add in Your Contribution!

Your Helpful Literary Community Volunteers:

For newer deviants, the best sources for finding information within the Literature community are from your volunteers. However, not all of us starting out here on DeviantART will immediately know whom they are or how to contact them. So, we are going to take an opportunity again right now to introduce you to the four of them:

Winterfresh FlamesA piece of gum,
your words roll like winterfresh breath
from your lips, carving the air into ice sculptures,
slowly freezing the torn edges of what I once had thought was truth.
A refreshing sensation yet it has chilled me into my place and your words are
written on my skin like frostbitten-blue tattoos.
Give me cinnamon.
You cease utterance and the air falls, thrown aside and
cast into shatters of melting glass,
quenching my flaming heart.
I feel the steam in my chest.
I used to feel protected by the lukewarm everyday
but this simultaneous heat and frost has altered the things I once knew.
Your presence sets shivers through my soul and
I'm inflamed by your moving lips, a piercing whispering cry.
I've been reborn.
Where are you now, inside my body? pulsing through my veins?
In your silence, you pull me outside of myself in search of you
I need your sweet
Contest: Praying For SerenityA piece of smoking shrapnel ends
Your life, like a door slamming shut
And I'm on my knees, cradling your body, trying
to close the torn edges of what used to be your chest.
Written across your helmet cover;
"Give me serenity to accept the things I cannot change."
Blood-soaked-useless bandages are thrown aside
Cast into the gutter by the urgent corpsman.
As your heart stops beating
I feel my confidence shatter.
I used to feel protected by your leadership
Now I'm relearning all the things I once knew.
Your example, a standard I may not reach.
I'm so lost.  I can't let them see me cry.
I've been cut lose.
Where are you now, with your serenity?
I can't let it pull me under.
I need to stand fast, to anchor these men.
Don't let me fail in this.
Let me lead them like you did before.
Let's Go FlyingA piece of  paper flutters
Your way like a bird without wings
Show me all the reasons why your heart stutters
Your voice is torn at the edges of saying what things?
Written blankly, erased clearly,
Give me your smile, you smile so cheerfully
What happened in your past, were you thrown aside?
Cast out in the dark?
It's time to let your heart decide
I feel you take my hand, let's go on a lark
I used to feel protected, now I'm protecting you
From all the time, all the things that I once knew
Your heart is mine, mind is my mind
I'm listening for your cry, it can't be heard
I've been good and kind
Where are you now, my baby bird?
Don't push me, only pull me through
I need to be taken care of just as much as you
Don't fall again, you know how to soar
Take me flying with you like you did once before!

Our Previous Contest Winners

Thirst of a Poetthe bards have bumblebees in their mouths,
for language is babbling,
a brook in a bowl, joy brimming;
billowing, rippling, surging –
and spilling; sashaying down,
with a swaying sound (oh-so wistful, oh).
language is burbling,
an impish kiss of mouth from mouth;
bewildering, baffling, bemusing –
and tricking; tumbling round,
to touch a fellow Fool and his nought (so wistful, oh),
and disturbs a Poet, who slips
into a dream of a vagabond –
"where are you calling from?" he murmurs,
in his sleep, and the newspaper flutters
with a snore; then rests on his chin (just so, oh),
and language sidles past him up to me,
and places a river upon my lips,
wistful, oh.
A History of PurgatoryFor more than a millennium purgatory's souls wallowed in despair while chaos and confusion ruled the realm. As a dark and barren pit, no sun lit the gray sky and no water gave life to the dry ground.
Souls appeared one by one as they died on Earth. They lingered in purgatory, weeping and cowering, until demon underlings dragged them to the pits of hell. The souls wasted their limited days huddled together for fear of the demons' frequent visits.
One soul broke apart. A soldier. Broad and standing tall in his gleaming armor, he held his spear at the ready and stood watch over the souls. He knew no other course of action.
As always the demon underlings returned to claim more souls. Three feet tall and hairless, the handful of gray and black imps scurried across the land and snickered to themselves.
The soldier bellowed a war cry and charged the creatures.
Startled by this first ever challenge, the underlings scattered, fleeing the enraged warrior and his spear.
Emboldened by the display,
The Us That WasA flash of passion filled foolishness;
A heat of the moment style of thing,
Uttered without thought for tomorrow
or the days that'll come after it.
That's what it was, all it was you see,
And we both knew now didn't we?
Oh we can try to pretend, to hide
those little doubts that prey on our minds,
But they're there all the same now aren't they?
The more we promise the less it means,
Repetition doing its best to
sully the purity of this 'us'.
This version of you and I that breathes
soft words and vows again and again,
Hoping to make them truer than truth,
But the truth sits there in the wings of
the stage that we play all this out on,
Biding its time until its cue comes.
And come it will, one day, someday soon,
Its perfect moment; its proud debut,
Timed exquisitely to perfectly
and precisely shatter all we are,
The villain's revelation leaving
that 'us' without its happy ending.

A few of Our Favorite Literature Pieces

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We are one of the few groups designated towards the collection of various Literature resources, however you might find others on the  official Groups Platform that may also have what you are looking for. Several of them offer an array of interesting things that might strike your interest in our community. Just a few of them are listed below:


Stay Tuned for More

We are always on the look out for new and exciting resources, eager to sponsor or host various chat events, a variety of contests and more that are open to our members, so our staff always encourages you to promote and discuss your ideas with us at any time. We are also more than happy to accept your helpful deviations. We do love the variety of your fantastic resource Literature! However: do not allow the group activity to limit you from finding and using these resources, as they are a never ending source of information and help us all grow as writers. The wonderful Literature community of DeviantART has continued to make us the thriving resource hub that we always hope to be, so let us simply think of this as an exciting beginning.


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