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Lung Cancer Awareness: Year Three

Thu Nov 15, 2012, 12:01 AM

As everyone is well aware, positive change always starts with us, and there are several things you can do within your community to show your support towards that greater good. To most of us, November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and loved ones, while our giving humble thanks for our many blessings. This is also the time to remember the importance of what cherished things (and wonderful people) matter the most to us and in celebrating our unified causes. And, if those we love are fighting their battle against lung cancer (or any other cancers,) there are going to be several unanswered questions and fears. No one taking this journey should ever have to face this ongoing battle alone, and this is where we come in.

LungCancer-Awareness: Making A Difference

Lung Cancer Awareness by LadyLincoln

For those not familiar with this group and its purpose, we shall delve into that right now. Our group was created to bring awareness to a well-known cancer that has not only impacted the daily lives of the members of my own family – but so many others around us. Anything that you can do to promote awareness within your community can and will make a difference! We want everyone to know that they are never alone. We want to always keep our doors open to those who need advice, a helping hand, or a shoulder to lean on. We want to hear all about how you are making a difference, connecting with those battling cancer, or helping your families and friends cope. We all want to stay united by sharing a part of ourselves with other deviants, to inspire hope, and in encouraging others to take the first step. So, with this in mind, lets read about our newest group activity.

Your Project Itinerary:

Make a Difference by Touching a Life

What this project entails is creating either a polished artwork or literature deviation telling or showing us how you have made a difference by impacting someone’s life who is fighting cancer. For example: “Uncle Rob’s fight with cancer changed my life because it made me see life differently, making me want to donate toward good causes like the American Cancer Society to help others.” Each piece will go into our special deviation folder entitled: “Make a Difference,” and with each entry we receive, a $5.00 donation will be made towards the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Submission Guidelines:

:bulletyellow: You may submit your entries under any category that you wish. This includes, but is not limited to: literature, photography, digital or text art.

:bulletyellow: You may send in as many of these as you like under different categories. We like variety. However, be sure to note all of your entries to LadyLincoln c/o LungCancer-Awareness, marked as: “Make A Difference Entry.”

:bulletyellow: Your deadline is January 1st, so you will have plenty of time to be as creative as you wish, just be sure that it relates to our cancer theme.

:bulletyellow: Please keep all visual and Literature entries as polished and clean as possible.

Want to Learn More?

Do not forget to join us over at LungCancer-Awareness if you have to do so to get started today, and to help us make a difference in someone else’s life by joining in the fight to combat this disease and find a cure! Remember, awareness starts with you.

Here are some other support groups that you might be interested in:




Show your support for #LungCancer-Awareness by taking part in our project. Tell us how you have made a difference in your stand against cancer! :heart:
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