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Positive awareness and healthy change always starts with us, and there are several things you can do within your community to show your support towards that greater good. November is primarily well known as the month we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, enjoying our time with them and giving humble thanks. It is also the time to remember the importance of what things matter the most to us and to celebrate togetherness in finding a unified cause.

LungCancer-Awareness Needs Your Support!

Lung Cancer Awareness by LadyLincoln

This group was created to bring awareness to a well-known cancer that has not only impacted the daily lives of the members of my own family – but so many others around us. Anything that you can do to promote awareness within your community can and will make a difference! Click on the links below to get started and to learn more about what lung cancer is and what things you can to promote awareness:

Support for the Lung Cancer Alliance. Your one stop for a variety of information on Lung Cancer, support groups for your areas and more.

A Deviant Gives Us a Closer Look. Exillior shares several valuable medical insights on Lung Cancer and dissolves some well known myths about this illness.

The National Cancer Institute. There is so much generalized information about Cancer to be found here, this website is also packed full of a varied tips and links for those interested.

The American Cancer Society. Donate to the cause today and read up on how to kick the smoking habit so that lung cancer does not have to affect you!

Our First Group Project:


Celebrating Our Survivors: A Virtual Quilt

Our goal is to bring together all of our lung cancer survivors and their family and friends to show their support by contributing to our virtual quilt.

What this project entails is either a significant piece of artwork or literature us how lung cancer has impacted your life. This can be anything ranging from a personal photograph that tells a story or something you have written that relates to the cause that has a great deal of significance to you. Each piece will be added together to create a larger “quilt” to be displayed on our group page as a whole deviation. With each “quilt” entry, a $5.00 donation will be made towards the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Submission Guidelines:  

:bulletpurple: Submission must be no larger than 600 x 600 pixels. See a live example of this particular box sizing here.*

:bulletpurple: You may submit your quilt boxes under any category that you wish. This includes, but is not limited to: literature, photography, digital or text art.

:bulletpurple: You may send in as many of these as you like. However, be sure to note all of your entries to LadyLincoln.

:bulletpurple: Your deadline is January 1st, so you will have plenty of time to be as creative as you wish, just be sure that it relates to our lung cancer support theme.

*Special thanks to BloodshotInk for originally inspiring the “quilt” idea with her Box Challenge.

Want to Learn More?

Please join us over at LungCancer-Awareness to get started today, and to help us make a difference in someone else’s life by joining in the fight to combat this disease and find a cure! Remember, awareness starts with you.



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