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Momma's Art

Random from Treasured Literature

I Support...

Thank you BloodshotInk :heart:

Its That Lincoln Spirit


What Others Have to Say...

"I don't know if you have any idea of how much the true magnitude of your writing does affect people. I look so forward to your journals. I always pray for your mom. Your attitude also has a big affect on me. You are a strong woman, like your mom and able to encourage others around you, even when you feel down yourself. So, let me say this: you have made a lasting impression. You have already made your ripples on my pond called life. I don't know of a stronger, more lovely and poised woman I desire to call my friend. I am trying to point my star more towards yours, because of your elegance, grace and charm. I want to be more like that. Thank you for being my standard."


"You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met only because you're so dedicated to EVERYTHING you do! It is inspiring. And you better never forget it. Because you are amazing."


"I really appreciate your support. Always have. You are one of those people that are always there, always caring, always noticing, and always replying - simply always. You are a constant cornerstone here, and will probably always be the cornerstone in whatever it is you touch. You just have that in you. There's also a very deep level of kindness in the way you do things. And, I think it's time we all should admit to ourselves that you are DA's Lincoln. It just seems fitting. I wanted to thank you for the support and friendship, it means a lot to me, you are being who you are and it is enough of a gift. Keep being true to yourself and keep being strong."


"The time, effort and love Jenene puts into the community is apparent at every turn. She is always there providing love and support to deviants in need, whether it be personal or professional, and she continually touches and affects so many people on a daily basis. Her devotion to the literature community is inspiring and so valued, and she continually dedicates her journals to every literature happening in the vast DeviantART community. Her kindness, selflessness and empathy for others make her the most sincere person I have ever encountered. She uses DeviantART to reach out to others and make a difference, and her voice is one that is highly well regarded and respected. Outside of DeviantART, she works in an emergency room, saving lives and making a difference every single day."


"There is a level of emotional strength that is expected of an artist, being able to take every blow that is thrown and roll with the punches. Jenene takes those punches without flinching and still offers a shoulder to anyone who needs it, regardless of all else. You won't find a bigger heart around these parts."


"Jenene, I think you are the one person everyone in the lit-community knows, and the world would be poorer without you. The Queen of Literature would be the perfect name for you in my own humble opinion, as you are there for anyone with a kind word or a compliment. Your writing is sincere and formidable, and your warm heart the source of so many wonderful things happening on this website, from features to the detailed lit-updates throughout this tight band of writers. For all of this, I can only say: Thank you for being here."


"I believe Jenene's deep affinity for Abraham Lincoln stems from something far more profound than a simple enthusiasm for history. I think she sees in Lincoln a kindred soul. She too holds a great love for words. She too holds her ideals and those she loves above herself, and it informs her every deed and thought. She too is blessed with a strength of character that enables her to push on with what is most important even when she is ill-used by life and people. Even though she may feel alone during the darkest times of her life, she most definitely is not. I and many, many other people feel that we are better for knowing her."


"Jenene is a powerful deviant with a giant heart. She is always caring and writes amazing journals that inspire and warm everyone who reads them. She is selfless, strong, and has an amazing attitude. Lincoln would be truly proud of her, as all of us are!"


"[As a writer] from a poem of one stanza to a prose piece of several paragraphs, Jenene is inspired from the intensity of that little understood emotion called love to craft her work. Her sentences, written with powerful imagery among other literary features, are read with the heart as much as with the eyes. From one piece to the next, her sincere and intimate expressions in her memoirs will bring tears to the eyes while her tender romantic works will compel you to think again about love and passion, whether you believe in it or not."


"Dearest Jenene, I have always admired you, and I always will, with your generosity, spirit, drive, compassion and love. There has never been a time where you haven't made me love you a little more with your endless love and your hope is truly a wondrous thing. You have such a beautiful, beautiful way with words and never cease to make me smile. You have such a gorgeous heart, filled with love. ♥."


"Jenene is a selfless individual who always shows you just how much you are valued - as an artist, as a person, as somebody. She'll leave you a random note, or a random heart and for the rest of that day, you can't help but smile. The DeviantART community is not only blessed to have her among us, but we are inspired to follow in her footsteps as a humble artist who is giving, warm and genuine."


"Jenene is an inspiration -- patient and caring, everything I would like to be but am just not on her level. She gives me something to shoot for, no doubt. The star she sits atop is the brightest of all."


"I've always admired you from afar. It's only been in this past year, or months rather, that I've attempted to shed my shyness and bridge the gap. You are my idol, my mentor who didn't know she was mentoring. I find that the dA community is a far better place with you in it. I also find that the world would be silent....if you weren't around. I've seen so many people bow down to the point of not acknowledging the 'bad' things in the world. They stay in their holes, clutching teddy-bears of comfort, until nothing but the naivety and good fortune surrounds them. They don't want to stand amidst the conflict of violence, disease, poverty, among so many other things. They don't want to lend a hand of support or raise their voice about the issues. You, you stand tall. You do what is in your power to raise awareness and give support to those who need it. I am truly beside myself when I think of all the things you do. I can only aspire to follow in your footsteps. To make a change. To not just worry about myself and minor ordeals, but to look at the bigger picture.

You are an inspiration.
You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are amazing.
You are a blessing."


Wish to share your story? Send me a note.


Mid April News: Diversity

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 12:00 AM

In my eight years as a community-oriented deviant, others who visit my profile each day learn quickly what I stand for: positivity and unity. In returning daily to my second “home” on DeviantART, I do consider it a blessing that I can still have a significant impact here amongst my peers – offering a supportive, loving hand to all those who seek it. I have always tried my best to stand by those who I have felt have needed that strong outlet. Everyday, I know there are those who cannot speak for themselves – or may be afraid to. I wish to do what I can to be a voice to those individuals. I am determined to maintain a positive change here, and to endure.

As I am sure many are aware of, there was a community uproar over the closure of DailyLitDeviations. Many within the community were strongly impacted by this. And, in regards to my role here, not surprisingly, I was closely tied to several of them. On the positive side, I was happy to feel an immediate pull of that close-knit loyalty and esteemed support that I so greatly value amongst those I care a great deal for. These strong (re)connections were felt throughout this entire community – it was embraced – and this is a rare gift, truly. Through the ordeal, it also saddened me to see some were hurt along the way, during a sometimes painful and confusing process. My heart goes out to them, because I care very much for everyone here, and their happiness and involvement within my community. I try to do what I can daily to keep everyone united and involved. I want the Literature community I so cherish to keep thriving. The amazing diversity we all have amongst us is well worth carrying on with the encouraging fight.

Within this always growing, diverse community, I simply cannot thank those enough who have guided others to rise above the negativity, and strive to make a difference. The beautiful honor for me is being a part of it – every single day. I deeply appreciate the ongoing, generous showing of the community’s unyielding support for the various efforts of these dedicated deviants – and for what they all continue to do – stand by us. And, please do try to make the effort to reach out a hand in kindness – not in anger. For the rewards are far greater in the end for it.

For those not as acquainted with me, my journal is a wonderful place to find some tidbits about what is going on in the Literature world. However, that being said, you will want to keep an eye out also for various other news postings from your Literature Community Volunteers, add them to your watch, so you will not miss out on a thing! Scrolling down, you will also find information geared towards other contests, groups and other news various links all related to Literature, so be sure to check them out.

Along with my monthly Ladies of Lit series, I host and support a variety of contests, group projects, a tri-monthly 30 Writers to Discover series, and the ongoing Writers Welcome Wagon. Is there something you wish for me to take part in or to help support? Feel free to note me at any time. Here is the current listing for my Ladies of Lit. Review the guidelines, and send me your suggestions, I am in dire need of them!

:new: Ladies of Lit Issue: Volume Forty-One.
:new: Latest Volume of 30 Writers You Should Discover.
:bulletpurple: Writers Welcome Wagon Project.
:bulletpurple: WorldWar-Tori wants you to take part in her Positivity Project.
:bulletpurple: April is the month of NaPoWriMo, Script Frenzy and MORE! Get the details Here!
:new: Beccalicious is bringing back the amazing WritersWorkshop Check it out.
:new: Updates on the DailyLitDeviations situation can be read here and here.

Within the community, there are several Literature chatrooms to visit that might be of interest to you. However, if you feel uncomfortable in these chatrooms, you might find what you are looking for in the revamped Literature Forums. There are also several critique and prompt groups available for use towards all of your Literature-related needs. Below, you will find just a small sampling of what the community has to offer you:

:bulletpurple: #CRLiterature The official DeviantART Literature chatroom.
:bulletpurple: #Writersforlife Write, mingle, learn and keep writing for life.
:bulletpurple: #Writeroom Looking for tips, ideas and more, the Writeroomies are here for you.
:bulletpurple: #Cabal Srs bsns of literary discussion.

:bulletpurple: Writers-Workshop Where the Writers Workshop Writing.
:bulletpurple: ScreamPrompts Are You A Writer?
:bulletpurple: HammeredPoetry Sick of cliches? Us Too.
:bulletpurple: transliterations From One World to Another.
:bulletpurple: LITplease A Club for Every Writer.

Throughout DeviantART, there are a number of resourceful news articles filled with features, contests and much, much more. Several deviants keep the literature community in the know with these articles. I am honored to present the creme of the crop, and invite you to fully explore what each article has to offer.

:bulletpurple: The Lit Gallery Volunteers' March Lit Daily Deviations and CV Journal Updates.
:new: IrrevocableFate loves DA Lit! Contests, Various Groups, Workshops and More.
:new: WorldWar-Tori would like to share her Literature News with you.
:new: SadisticIceCream has Publishing Resources.
:bulletpurple: apocathary also has a collection of Miscellaneous Resources.
:bulletpurple: julietcaesar does as well in Her Journal.
:bulletpurple: chromeantennae Likes to adjust his Lit Antennaes.
:bulletpurple: rlkirkland Encourages Inspirational Affirmation.
:new: Gingersanps is introducing us to Amazing Deviants.
:bulletpurple: CelestialMemories finds Stories and Charming Chapters.
:new: GrimFace242 is looking for some Group Therapy and Undiscovered Deviants in Lit.
:bulletpurple: Aerode finds writers under the radar on his Watch.
:new: Naktarra has opened her official Literary-Almanac.
:bulletpurple: neurotype goes in search of Wonderful Lit Deviants.
:bulletpurple: mirz-alt helps us follow a Literary Compass.
:bulletpurple: DorianHarper picks out amazing Monthly Daily Lit and discovers dAuthors.
:new: MotleyDreams has some Literature Articles You Should Know.
:bulletpurple: LiliWrites got an eye for those who are Demonstrably Deviant.
:new: TwilightPoetess calls for Literary Conversation.

With the official groups feature in full swing, there is a whole array of Literature groups to join and support. Below, you will have the opportunity to check out just a few of the newest ones on DeviantART. And, if there is a group not listed here that may interest you, you might want to check out the official Literature Group Hub.

Worlds-in-Words, Series-Unknown, Story-Writers, Writing-With-Love, FightToWrite, I-LIKE-SHORTS, Expressive-Poetry, LiteraryMovement, Original-Lit, PoetryWithAVoice, Second-Draft, Blackout-Poetry, Learn2Crit-LitLit-Addicts, writingmadefun, UndergroundAuthorsNGCreativeWriting, QuickReadsCollective, Souls-Within-Life, Writers-to-improve, Always-Poetry, Criticarium, PolishedInk, Literature-Creed, Edgar-Allen-Poets, PocketStories, Winters-Poets, Everlastingwriting, Literature-Critique, Poets-Haven, Writing-is-Visual, Try-Your-Page, UndefinedPoets, ForeverArtistOfWords, BoundByChainsOfWords, Write-to-inspire, UnitedLiterature, ExpressiveWriters, PoetrynProseWatchers, LyricsPoems, TheWritingShelter, GlitchLit, Writers-Crutch, The-Writing-School, TheKnow, LiteraryShowcase, UnitedFaithPoetry, WriteFromYourHeart.
:new: DailyLitDeviations, LitRecognition, Lit-Daily-Pick, NarrativePoetry, Write-a-world.

--Any other Literature news that you would like to see in this reserved space? Note me.

Deviants Making A Difference
SorrowbirdI watched him flap helplessly between the teeth of a barbwire fence, screeching for help.
"Papa, look Papa! A boy!"
My papa stood dazed for a moment, dust billowing at his legs, his eyes teetering along the field. It wasn't until later that evening he told me he hadn't understood what I had seen. What he had seen.
With grass tickling the backsides of my legs, I bounded toward the boy, "What are you doing? Are you okay?"
As I approached him, I felt his skittish eyes rake across my every movement. With his ten-year-old arms slung inside the gaping maw of a fence and darkened feathers pasted along the creases of his face; he looked squarely at me. I could hear his bird-bones quaking at my voice, he pushed harder against the fence. I winced for him.
"Hold still, we'll get you out," I turned back to my papa who stood alongside the road, "Papa," I pleaded, "Please! Help him!"
Reaching out, I touched his shoulder, "Don't be afraid. We're going to help you."
He didn't pull away from me. I thou
He doesn't write poetry anymore.He doesn’t write poetry anymore,
even if he still collects it, reads it, saves it, treasures
faded verses from his wife the way connoisseurs
savor vinyl over metallic rainbows on disc.
I don’t mind not knowing, but I can’t stand not asking.
The record needle hits the groove wrong;
he stumbles over words that aren’t there,
rummaging for an answer he doesn’t really have.
He doesn’t write poetry anymore
and his confusion is strangely endearing.
But there’s a lyricism to his words that I love,
poetic lines inserted between the daily grind
of character names and who said what;
voiceless boys in white and draymen carting the dead to saltwater lakes,
elegiac undertones that haunt historians and forlorn painters.
He doesn’t write poetry anymore –
except when he does.
Cristian Rosas
Mediterranean breeze warmed my dreams;
cappuccino mornings blended
into Bacardi sunsets.
Tobacco smoulders and I remember-
his name was Cristian Rosas.
Sunset passed. Spirits poured
European measures- unlike tight English twenty-five mil,
relieving the throbs of snow white turned red queen.
The glow led our intoxicated journey. Sambuca fused.
We invaded the dance floor.
yellow lanterns,
blue, red, green
yellow, red,
green merged with smiles.
Freedom spun me to his arms.
Giggles blushed sunburn. Cristian Rosas
whispered his name.
Fingers caressed my shoulder;
pulses shot down my back.
music people blurred
into echoes. His words
a treat richer than coffee. Citrus
perfume infused the heat; hunger took control.
Honey seeped into locked lips.
His wink broke the spell.
Notes flew off key. Samba swayed
a desperate grind of genitals, disgust
erupted in my throat. Honey
tinged saccharin;
backhand met cheek.
On patio furniture I sucked cigarettes.
Cappuccino froth sank with my lust
Only as Old"Frail bones predict what fragile minds can't detect,"
He trailed off slowly, "And my bones are achin'."
The air around me hung low and depressed,
Sticking to the back of my throat like a stormy syrup
I'd tried to swallow down.
I peered out the kitchen window
And caught an inklet of patched-over-grey sky;
I wondered what was in store for the day.
Impartial to the gloom outside, we stepped out onto the back porch;
Grandpa wobbled out with his cane in hand and we waited.
In the hushed stillness the trees traded birds—
Robins, swallows, whippoorwills, and cardinals.
If you squinted hard enough at the sullen shrubbery,
You could spot the caterpillar creeping to the underside of the leaf.
That's when I looked at Grandpa,
And saw through his eyes nature receding
At his prescience of a storm.
"Grandpa, how do you always know?"
He chuckled and simply said: "The world tells me."
It was left at that, but years later I have found
That the world is only as old as the person to whom you speak.


:bulletpurple: If you stop by, and would like to begin your journey on my DA homepage, may I suggest starting here. Also, if you are new to DA and need further assistance, please feel free to contact me if you cannot find what you are looking for in the FAQ section found here.

:bulletpurple: My official DeviantART Prayer Support Log. If there is someone you know who is in need of support, do let me know at any time and I will add them to the log.

:bulletpurple: I like to support Literature here by adding literature clubs/groups to my watch. If I have yet to add yours, feel free to leave me a comment.

:bulletpurple: Who is serving the Literature Community and what can they do for you? Your Community Volunteers for Literature are listed below as follows. You can freely contact them at any time with your questions or concerns.


:bulletpurple: And, of course, here are some lovely stamps, to show your support!

LadyLincoln_Stamp by Silver-Dew-DropSupport Stamp: LadyLincoln by GaioumonBatouLadyLincoln Stamp by leoraigarath
LadyLincoln stamp by wrecklinglady lincoln stamp I by peterdawesLadyLincoln Stamp by Thiefoworld

:bulletpurple: Please stop by The-Novelist-Club and feel free to join us, whether you are a writer, a poet, reader, or even a critic - we'd love to have you. We are currently accepting regular submissions and various pieces for our Workshops, so please show your support to these wonderful writers and stop by.

:bulletpurple: Looking to join a fun group which supports the exciting era of Abraham Lincoln by paying homage to his memory with fun panel discussions, Q and A sessions, book reviews and much, much more? Then TheLincolnLegacy is the perfect place for you. Walks of all artistic life are warmly welcomed here.

:bulletpurple: LungCancer-Awareness was created to bring awareness to a well-known cancer that has not only impacted the daily lives of the members of my own family - but so many others around us. Anything that you can do to promote awareness within your community can and will make a difference!

:bulletpurple: Wanting to keep an eye on all things Literature on DeviantART, and not sure where to turn? Your official Literature home CRLiterature, is the place to find everything you could possibly want, from generalized information, resources, contests and more, so do not miss out.

:bulletpurple: Looking for some of the latest news about your Daily Deviations or that news article you may missed over the course of the month? Well then, LitResources may be the very place for you to catch up on all of the latest happenings.

:bulletpurple: Everyone is welcome over at our group, And we realize that every writer has their own personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses, so we aim to provide unique pathways into the community for everyone. So go on - sign yourself up and get exposed over at Expose-Lit.

:bulletpurple: Our judges at TalentedWritersGuild are looking for your quality literature! So, if you have something that you feel will simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers - then we are the very group for you.

:bulletpurple: Looking for a delightful and positively charged environment to post your work and give others some encouragement and support? Then look no further than ProjectPositivity.

:bulletpurple: I have added several updates to our local club Indiana-Deviants, so if you are from Indiana, or just interested in Hoosier related news, please, by all means, join us! We would be more than happy to have you there. We are always looking to accept new submissions.

Arthur’s vivid imaginings and creative wordplay are ever present in his intriguing gallery. He takes his loyal readers on adventures to many different worlds – and none of us regret taking the amazing journey.   


So Many Books by LaPurrIndiana Deviant Support Stamp by Indianadeviantseating disorder awareness by Sakuras-Inner-FanInspired by you stamp by shimmer-dragonLove To Write Stamp by Latias-Flyerstamp by ZenryuCommunity we care stamp by deviantStampsThankful Stamp by JunkbyJenCancer Awareness Stamp by neesa

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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`LadyLincoln is a deviant that continuously goes above and beyond to nurture the deviantART community. During her time as a volunteer, she encouraged, pushed and motivated the literature community towards positive change and stood strong as a unifying voice even when it was difficult. Despite her lack of a ^, she is unwavering in her support and love for the community and daily exemplifies everything we define as devious. To this end we are honored to award deviousness to `LadyLincoln for June 2010.
-awarded June 2010


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A Little About Me on DeviantART:

I have been writing since I was about six years of age. I write for my own enjoyment, a sense of inner fulfillment, and I judge writing that I read on the heart and soul of a piece that speaks to me in that fashion only. I write how I desire to, and what I desire to...I have always had a rather personal rule of thumb that I live by: write to please only myself, and for the sheer enjoyment of doing so. I do not expect to earn a "quick buck," or even to "change the world," I just want to express my feelings through the hearts of my characters. I enjoy writing and reading novels of all sorts, but my favorite genres are Historical romance, fantasy, and suspense.

Away from DeviantART, I work daily in an Emergency room. Not surprisingly, there is always something exciting going on there. I do consider it my life’s work and love every minute of it. I also deem myself as a rather serious Abraham Lincoln scholar, and spend a great deal of my free time when not working studying, reading, learning, and eagerly collecting all things Lincoln.

What Can I Do For You Here?

As a former Literature Community Volunteer, I am very familiar with the community and will happily offer support to anyone who has questions or concerns at any time. I continue to strive my personal best to do whatever possible to make everyone’s experience here on DeviantART and beyond the absolute best that it can be.

Any other questions? Please feel free to send me a note.

Needing Support or Know Someone Who Does?

I am keeping a Prayer Support Log. If you or anyone else you feel at any time needs a boost of support, a hug, or to be reminded how loved and appreciated he or she is, then by all means – send me a note and I will include them on the log and be more than happy to send a kind word or two their way.

Stamp-I'll Pray For You by Jazzy-C-Oaks

With Love Always from Your Faithful Servant,


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